Welcome to From The Driver’s Seat

4 Aug

Welcome to From the Driver’s Seat, a new blog sponsored by Mercedes-Benz – but written by truck drivers, for truck drivers.

We want to bring you blog posts that tackle the thorny issues in the industry and ignite chat around the tea urn. After all – everyone’s busy, especially drivers.

From the Driver’s Seat is not meant to be about the latest Mercedes-Benz trucks or technology. There’s some of that, but mostly it’s just well-written articles from people that either are drivers themselves, or know the industry well.

Which is why we’re delighted to announce our contributors: Brian Weatherly, founder of BigLorryBlog; and Lucy Radley, regular contributor to Truck and Driver and Commercial Motor magazines as well TruckNet UK forum regular.

We’ll do our best to ensure our small team brings content that matters to you, and writing that entertains. If we’re not writing stuff you want to read during your lunch break, then we’re doing something wrong.

So please – get involved with us! We want to hear and respond to your comments, whether here on the blog or via Twitter at @MercedesTruckUK. Tell us what you like, and what you dislike.

We’re looking forward to having you around.

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