TW Services get to grips with the Actros

4 Jun
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The team from Kent-based Waste services & management firm, “TW Services” got in touch with us recently to share some brilliant images of their (beautifully liveried) Actros achieving ‘Zero to Landfill” in great style. We’ve included their pics below so that you can check them out too!

image 01 lowqual

We open with a bit of loading action – a simple job some might say, but one that requires time, skill and most importantly patience to get right!

image02 lowqual

Getting the load of a Truck balanced properly means that the Truck driver is safer on the roads later – so it’s important to get it sorted! Full marks to whoever did the job this time.

image 03 lowqual

Here we see the art of parking in a bay – a challenging task when other Trucks (or concrete barriers) are nearby! Top marks for positioning for this driver.

image 04 lowqual

And one last image just to show off an Actros that’s looking absolutely fantastic in the sunshine – top marks to the driver, especially if he was the one who last cleaned it!

Thanks to the TW Services team for sending over these pictures – top work from a top bunch of people from Kent! If you’d like your Mercedes-Benz Trucks to feature on our blog, message us on Twitter at “@MercedesTruckUK” and let us know – we’d be happy to show off your #Truckpics!

(You can find out more about TW Services at ).

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