Rain, floods, pestilence and plague

6 Sep
Very bad driving conditions...

I won’t bore you all by rattling on about the wetness of the weather, as it’d be rather like telling a snail all about that big, round, shell-shaped thing on its back that it may not have noticed.

I should, I suppose, in the spirit of a blog which is generally all about “bigging up” the industry in general and the sharp end of that industry in particular, type out and submit a nice, long, glowing report in praise of our invincibility in the face of it all, our willingness to push on in the face of adversity, and tenacity of spirit which ensures the supermarket shelves stay stocked ready for Little England’s latest round of panic buying.

But I’m not going to. Because you know what? It’s not really that big a deal to us, it’s just another day in the life of UK road transport. Which, perhaps, is the most pertinent point of all.


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