Lorry driver solidarity

19 Dec
driver solidarity

Some drivers seem to get pleasure out of other driver’s misfortunes, or when someone has a bad day and takes three shunts to back onto a loading bay. I pride myself on my reversing skills, but there are times when no matter how hard you try you just can’t get it where it needs to be.

I’ve witnessed another driver tear strips off a newbie because he took three shunts to get a trailer where it needed to go, and then he took five shunts himself. Pots and Kettles come to mind.

I was in Asda Lutterworth on Saturday night and it was bedlam, trucks everywhere. A driver was struggling to get into a parking bay while both drivers either side of him just sat and watched from behind their newspapers, but no doubt had he damaged one of their trucks they would have been out in a flash shouting the odds. It doesn’t take much to jump out and watch someone back.

Even now drivers from the same company sit in their trucks and watch while a colleague struggles in the wind to do curtains up or wind ratchet straps. It’s quite a shocking attitude and we are all guilty at times, but some drivers seem to revel in it.

By Ben Mitchell – HGV Driver

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