GPS technology: Do you put too much trust in it?

9 Aug

GPS Technology (or satnav, if you’d prefer) – is it a blessing or a curse? It’s a tough one.

The other day I found myself having to reverse an artic ’round the war memorial in a village just outside Huddersfield – a feat I somehow managed without damage or incident – in order to head back down the same road to find a customer’s premises.

Nothing particularly unusual about that, but what was interesting was the local who asked, mid-manoeuvre, whether I’d been taken there by my satnav.

Now I don’t use GPS technology generally, so it threw her completely when I showed her a battered A-Z and the address I had which didn’t specify which end of the road I should be at.

It’s always the driver’s decision. So how is the GPS technology to blame for what can only be a failure of Mk.1 eyeball?

Committing to the trusty A-Z is one thing, but why would the GPS technology be at fault anyway? There isn’t a small troll inside the console performing Jedi-style mind control over the driver, forcing them to drive down a narrow road. There isn’t a special blindfold supplied with the machine that leaves the user incapable of seeing low bridges before he drives into them.

It’s always the driver’s decision. So how is the GPS technology to blame for what can only be a failure of Mk.1 eyeball? Maybe someone could enlighten me.

What truck GPS technology do you use, and to what degree do you rely on it? Do you prefer the good old A-Z to get you to your destination, rather than rely on technology? Whatever your preferences or work situation, Let us know in the comments or on Twitter at @MercedesTruckUK.


  1. TURNERS 01

    I use TomTom 520with latest truck maps, works a treat, allows me to figure out if Ineed a break before I reach destination, exact time of arrival and where I can get to for parking at night. I use to have a hundred and one A-Z s but now just one Philips Navigator map and a TomTom .
    As long as you use common sense they are a great help . After all its just a electronic map that covers all of Europe and fits in my pocket.

  2. Billy B Rig

    We are provided with sat navs. To be honest I find little navigational use for them. I do however find them useful for scameras, fuel stations and an accurate E.T.A.
    If using it for navigation I still check my trusty maps or go online and have a “google mooch” so as to know what to expect. Especially important for me as I transport high value oversized loads.


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